Here are some of the most common queries we have, if you can’t find your answer here, feel free to contact me by email or on What’sapp and i will gladly answer any questions you may have!

Micro-Fibre is a very high quality, durable, synthetic hair product.
Micro-Fibre does not have pigment like real hair, so it can not be dyed or coloured. The advantage of this is that this product does not ever lose its original colour with age or washing (as real hair does!)
Yes, the hair needs to be carefully cared for and needs washing after every 3 to 4 uses to give it a long life span. (see care instructions for details)
Any shampoo and conditioner can be used to care for your hair product.
NO!! Micro-Fibre needs to drip-dry as every hair dryer has different temperature settings and too much heat will destroy the product. (The product has been tested to 120 deg. C)
NO!! Micro-Fibre needs to drip-dry as every hair dryer has different temperature settings and too much heat will destroy the product. (The product has been tested to 120 deg. C)
Yes, we do however advise our customers to purchase both a curly and a straight product as the less heating applied ensures a far greater life-span than if the product is re-styled frequently.
Yes, but only with straighteners that have regulated heat settings (120 deg C or MEDIUM heat settings – THIS IS CRUCIAL! )
Yes, this process is a little more complicated than straightening a curly product. NB. Please see the video demonstration.
In most cases the customer need only purchase 1 piece, however if you have really thick hair you may need to purchase 2 to match your hair’s natural density, otherwise it does not appear as natural.
If you send me a pic of your hair, i will be able to advise you.
The products life-span is dependent on usage. Some ladies will only use the product for special occaisions, in which case it will last for a very long time. With general use (3 to 4 times a week) following the care instructions to the letter, the product will generally last for about 7 months. Far more expensive real hair extensions usually only last for 2 to 3 months due to wear and tear.
Unfortunately we are unable to guarantee the product once used as individuals do not follow the care instructions rigorously. We can not guarantee the product unless it arrives damaged in the post or on delivery.
If the colour is incorrect or there is a manufacturing defect ( broken clips or incorrect style) we will happily exchange the product within 7 days of delivery ( in its original packaging ) provided it has not been worn. ( For hygeine reasons) We do carefully inspect every piece for quality control, before it is sent so this is highly unlikely.\
In the event of a defect, we will assess the issue / defect on its return and provided we are satisfied that the piece has not been worn, we will happily exchange the product.
The clips are extremely strong and as of yet we have had no complaints. If you purchase the piece at a show and we have not had time to inspect your products clips and you find a fault, we will send you replacement clips free of charge.
When the hair-piece is purchased it has never been physically handled in any way. When the piece is brushed it is normal for strands to come out, so do not panic! This will not affet the look of the piece as it is made extremely thick and designed that way so it does not lose its original appearance with normal wear when brushed. However, when the hair is brushed, stay away from the top seams as directed in the care instructions, as this is where the hair is weaved into the band.
Absolutely NOT! The hair must be held at the top where the clips are situated and brushed gently from the bottom upwards. Please see the video for the correct brushing instructions.
It is preferable that you send me a photo of your real hair so we can match the colour exactly for you. After you have decided on the style of the piece you can choose one of three ways to receive / take delivery of your product.

A) An EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) can be made.
B) You can deposit the funds directly into our account.
C) Or you can pay cash / speedpoint on direct collection at our premises (Must be scheduled)

Please take note of our payment details and conditions by clicking the link.

Proof of transfer / payment must first be sent to roxannegladwin@gmail.com
Please use your name as a reference in any correspondance.

We have not had one loss in the post so far and all our deliveries are tracked by our team. We obtain an individual tracking code for each item we post to you.
Of course. We will gladly send you as many pieces as you require. The only difference being the postage costs are dependant on weight and will obviously differ with quantity. For up to 10 pieces, the charges will be the same as for 1 piece ( The standard delivery bag can contain up to 10 pieces.)
No, postage fees will vary from location to location. We deal with each transaction individually with each customer so you will be informed of the exact delivery costs prior to purchase.
We do offer discounts on purchases of 10 pieces (minimum) and above, contact us for details.
Both curly and straight pieces are 50 cm long.
We highly recommend you ask a professional stylist to make this adjustment for you – WE DO NOT EXCHANGE ANY PIECE THAT HAS BEEN ALTERED IN ANY WAY!